Essential Oils

As you have probably picked up by now, the last few years have been a huge journey through Motherhood and Life for me – if you haven’t, you can read a bit more about me over here. Along the way I have picked up many practices and coping mechanisms which have helped me to navigate this winding path: meditation, coffee, tattoos, bright lipstick, a plant-based lifestyle, dancing and – more recently – essential oils.

It was when I started using doTERRA’s essential oils a few months ago to massage my kids before bed and they started sleeping better, longer and without nightmares, that my interest was piqued.

It was a short-time later when I realised our household was snot-free for the first-time in months that I seriously took note.

And it was when I noticed that I felt calmer, that my energy was considerably higher and that just felt more in flow that I fell in love and started to really understand the ancient powers of these oils.

Since then we have been using them more and more in our lives.

Things become popular for a reason. doTERRA oils help so many women and families, which is why we get so excited to share them, and why they have become such a loved and trusted company on word-of-mouth and sharing alone!

I also believe it’s because these essential oils are so pure and so tapped in to our roots, our history, who we are and what our soul knows to be good for us. They bring us home to our inner wisdom and wellness.

Women coming together to share the essences of plants and ancient healings … it is what I have been craving for so long and what The Zim Zum Motherhood has always been about.

I want see these oils in every woman’s hands. To give them more sleep and less snot. More peace, more confidence and more connection with their soul.

Not to mention, give them an armoury of natural solutions to use in their home and health.

So …

  • I am incorporating the oils into my daily routines, rituals, recipes and practices – I will be sharing how here on the blog. Sign up at the top of the page to get that goodness straight in your inbox
  • I am running essential oil classes at my place and at yours – check out our upcoming Events or send me an email to lock in a date
  • In Spring we are launching a new offering – “pause with The Zim Zum Motherhood” – which is an hour of relaxation and mindfulness using the oils in your home with your friends, tailored to your needs – again, send me an email to lock in a date
  • And finally, you can purchase essential oils through my online store – I am here to guide and support you on your essential oils journey, and look forward to working with you. Please reach out to me to kick things off