Privacy Policy

Why do you collect my personal data?

To do business better. So that we know who has visited our site, what they like the most and to give us an insight into how we might meet their needs better next time they visit. It is not in our interests to do anything underhanded. We like you and we want you to love our stuff, wear it often and Instagram it like a fading country music starlet. We want to be confident that when you review us on Google Business or Facebook you’ll say nice things. Why would we compromise that by selling your data to 3rd parties?
What do we do with your personal data?
Your privacy is important to us. We will NEVER sell ANY of your personal data to 3rd parties. And we don’t have a big marketing budget so repeat custom is our bread and butter. Irritating our customers is the exact opposite of what we want to do. So whilst we’ll add you to our email list (unless you specify otherwise) we’ll keep the communication to a minimum, try to make it interesting and relevant and provide the option of one click unsubscription at the bottom of every newsletter.
If (or rather, when!) we get bigger we may choose to employ strategic partners such as research agencies. We may pass some of your data (mainly the stuff we collect from Google Analytics like age, gender and location – none of which can be linked back to you specifically) on. Remember that we never see your financial data as Paypal does not pass it on. If we are ever to pass on the limited data we have access to, any strategic partners will be subject to strict confidentially agreements. If they were to pass on any of your data, they’d be in violation of their contract to us and not only would it destroy their credibility, they’d be breaking the law.
Acceptance of and Changes to this Policy
We may make changes to this policy from time to time (though trust us, we’d much rather be posting daggy puns on our Facebook page than sitting with the legal types). We make these changes at our sole discretion. Pop on back here from time to time to make sure you’re happy with this policy. Your access to this website constitutes your acceptance of our privacy policy as it stands at the time that you access the site. Rest assured though that our use of your data is governed by whatever our Privacy Policy was when you submitted your data.