Clare Foale | Clare Foale
Motherhood, messiness and meaning - Post Natal Depression (PND) and beyond
zim zum motherhood, motherhood, post natal depression, understanding motherhood, mindful mother
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Recovering perfectionist, believer in the power of bright lipstick, PND survivor, Mum, Wife and Founder of The Zim Zum Motherhood.

Our events are a chance to meet other Mums, share and reflect on the journey of Motherhood – in all it’s messiness and magnificence!

You know that present you look forward to giving because it is thoughtful and special and you would love to receive it? This is what you’ll find here.

Does this speak to you?

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The Zim Zum Motherhood is a community which encourages Mums to embrace the messiness, magnificence and meaning of Motherhood through connection.


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Do I describe my Monday as indulgent or necessary? Do I admit sheepishly or declare loudly and proud...

                  A couple of weeks ago I was filling i...

  • And so just like that the wedding and recovery arehellip
  • smithsgethitched today!! Joy and emotions are running high as wehellip
  • I felt completely outrageous and cheeky and brave lifting uphellip
  • Sooo the neverending rain looked like it might put ahellip
  • So the Great Foale Declutter continues  actually it ishellip
  • Its been a month of a lot of water ahellip
  • I have been trying to love yoga for almost 20hellip
  • PS You know that feather this morning? It is persistent!!hellip